Professionele Snoeicursus van de Simonit&Sirch snoeischool

€ 800,00


3 days pruning session plus 1 day in spring for the shoot-thinning. The course includes the Simonit&Sirch Guyot handbook (english version).
When possible, sign-in and pay the invoice as Company and not as private person.
Our Tutor will guide you on a path between the consequences of pruning and the architecture of the plant. Performing a more conscious pruning while respecting the physiology of the vine and the perennial structure of the plant.
The course consists of 4 days of training divided into 3 days of winter training and 1 day of spring training, with theoretical lessons in the classroom and practical exercises in the vineyard.
The course will be held with any weather conditions. Please bring rain jackets and correct shoes or boots.
Each participant must have a pruning scissor (winter session) and small harvest scissor (spring session), gloves and protective glasses.